This website provides Experimental Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Community Edition builds, sometimes known as Unofficial Builds, that are compiler and code optimized to provide better performance though equivalent behaviour to Official Mozilla builds.

We host Version 1.5 Release Candidate builds for Firefox and Thunderbird for the Windows XP x64 edition platform and also some Windows 32-bit builds for SSE and SSE2 platforms. SSE broadly refers to the Intel Pentium 3 and some AMD processors and SSE2 broadly refers to Intel Pentium 4, Pentium M and Xeon processors along with AMD Athlon and Opteron processors that support the SSE2 instruction set running. After progress in these areas, we'll look at builds for Mac OSX on G4 and G5 processors and then 32-bit Linux.

Most of the builds here will be builds of pre-release software and are therefore experimental so we discourage their use for production purposes.

Official Mozilla builds are available at

We will be adding pages on a few other topics as we have time.


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We specifically do not warranty that the software will meet your requirements, that it will be secure, that it will be without errors, that it will be provided in a timely manner, that the results from the software will be accurate or reliable, that software quality will meet your expectations, that bugs in the software at this site will be corrected. We also assume no responsibility for errors or ommissions in the software at this website.

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Making Your Own Builds

If you'd like to do your own builds just for the satisfaction of being able to do so or to share them with others or to put in some of your own personal customizations, you can start by reading the directions in the Build Documentation document at the mozilla developer center.

Building Firefox or Thunderbird usually requires a certain level of hardware and development software and assembling the pieces can take quite a bit of effort. It can take quite some time to build on older and slower machines or those that don't have a lot of memory. And it can be a frustrating process on some platforms as the build configuration can be very picky and fail for non-obvious reasons for the smallest problem.

The mozillaZine Third Party/Unofficial Builds forum is a good place to ask questions about building or to get help if you find that you have a problem building Firefox or Thunderbird. It's always helpful if you post a screenful of lines around the error message and provide your .mozconfig file and the environment setup script that you're using. In general, builders are pretty helpful if they can help but builders have busy lives too and it can sometimes take some time to get a reponse to your questions.

We have some notes for builders in my Builders Corner Page that we find useful from time to time. We plan to add to this list over time.

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